20 Replies to “Buy Instagram Likes Dropping Dimes”

  1. Lori please change your phone number.  That's awful to have people harassing you on your personal number. Please don't allow those 'people' to get through to you…it's giving them satisfaction and it will be making your anxiety worse.

  2. WOW this is disappointing. I really liked Joan. She always seemed so sweet and kind and makes good videos. I knew something happened between you and her, but I stayed out of it. I hoped that both of you would figure everything out. Now as far as that galcharlotte thing. Nope. I honestly see her as a bully. I never did like her because of the bad videos that she made making fun of people. To be honest why would she think she had room for mocking people? In my opinion she has serious mental problems. Just rise above it, Lori. We can't please all of the people all of the time and who would want to, anyway. xoxo

  3. Strange how it's all to do with Shawnie? Some one protecting her intrests which is fine but not to the point of harrasement, I'm with that it's S& K … sometimes the obvious doesn't seem plausible.

  4. Lol 2:32 all I see was the cat pillow bc I turned your video on and got cocoa and just saw the pillow haha! Great makeup! I'm going to try to find a similar head scarf, that was so easy to tie and it looks great. Gucci goes well at his job….very hard worker 😉

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