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  1. I’ve been to a salon that pushed a nail in the back of the other to pry my nail off and the lady ripped my nail and my natural nail split Down the middle and it started bleeding and was painful I wish I would have taken a picture of it but I forgot and now I refuse to get acrylic nails cause I have no nail salons around here that are like Kirsty

  2. Oh dont bite them off? Heh im uhh, everytime in the past i always bit and peeled of my acrylics so i could save them in a gum container thingy for memories

  3. I had acrylics once and I ended up getting a job that had strict regulations about nails because it was the food industry and I had to get them removed and the place I went to ripped them off. I was mortified because I had educated myself about acrylics before getting them done and knew that was a big no no but because I had to have it done on such short notice I let her finish taking them off but then promptly stood and left without paying because she wanted 20+ dollars just for removing them and tried forcing other services on me. maybe that was wrong of me to do but I was just so mortified and shocked and honestly outraged that a professional establishment didn't do their job right I refused to give them anything for what they did. thankfully my nails went undamaged but OMG it's terrifying. Seriously if they try to rip off your acrylics just get up and leave and run very far away…

  4. One of my teachers actually told me they pryed off her acrylic nails. I happen to be really into nails. I told her to never go back. I cannot imagine that pain. I haven’t gotten acrylic nails myself cause my nails produce to much oil but I want to.

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