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  1. I dated a guy for nearly 4 months. He broke up with me because he needed time to cope with the loss of his mother, who passed away just 6 weeks prior to the break up. The break up ended on a good note. No ill feelings. I wished him peace and balance in his life. We did not communicate for several weeks…until one day he reached out to me, asking to see me. I agreed to meet up with him. He told me how he was in a much happier place in his life. He said that he missed me and wanted me back in life. He told me that he feared losing me to someone else. Truthfully, I was skeptical, but i was also thrilled, because I genuinely missed him as well and wanted to be with him too. For 10 days, things were great. Then one day, he literally stopped responding to any text messages I sent him. I'm left confused, perplexed, and overall hurt. Why would someone ask to be back in your life, only to drop you days later????

  2. Currently having this situation going on where he was so into me and now is fading away…makes excuses why he hasnt text me, saying he's having family issues or something so I can't confront. I don't know why men just can't be open and say they're not interested. Specially the dating phase we won't bite there heads off if anything it's a relief cos we know where we stand and are not in limbo!

  3. I have no experience dating in high school and college I was already in a long term relationship now I'm starting to get out there and am learning how hard it is to find someone all these terms ghosting and such were foreign to this forty six year old! Lol so thank you for catching me up!

  4. I felt so bad. He act hot and cold then ghosts and came back. because of him I spend a crazy amont on time here trying to understand male psychology. Last time we saw he said "I feel good with you". he's not really investing Please tell me what that really means for a guy?

  5. I've been ghosted before. So to feel better, I treated myself to dinner. Guess who else was at that restaurant with someone else? Awkward! There's nothing like seeing a persons true colors. I pretended not to notice and decided to have a great time anyway. I saw it as his loss and moved on.

  6. I once had a girl pretending to be interested in me and ghosted me after I took the bait. I also have several friends who have been ghosted. And not just in a slow fade either. Just sudden cold disappearance after acting like nothing's wrong.

  7. So I met this guy on a dating site and we knew each other for like 2 days we were talking we would stay up all night and talk and then you decided one day said hey you know you want to meet up see each other in person because we connected when we talked over the phone so we were like why not so I allowed him to come and we watched movies we listen to music we still connected and then you know the sex part happened and it happened a few times about three or four times and then one day I got a text message from him saying that he was going to try with his ex-girlfriend I said okay good luck with that I hope it works out and we stopped talking for about a week and a half and then out of nowhere out of the blue I got a message on Snapchat saying hey from him he's like hey can I come over can we talk and I was like I don't really know because it started to fall for the guy when we were talking and we were getting to know each other and stuff I mean we were talking for about a week and he came over every day for about 3-4 hours a day and he I said I don't know I don't really know if I really want to come over because while I'm already here I really would like to talk to you so I asked him like in a friendly way yeah what happened with this girl he says I don't really want to talk about it he said that she thought that he was in love with somebody else and it wasn't her so I was like okay well cool I didn't know what else to say mean really good with helping other people fix their relationships not so good on fixing my own but anyways I still really like this guy the one question I think I have to ask is what does it mean if they come back I don't never really had that before I've had people ghosts away and never come back I've never had a guy come back I mean I had a dream about him the day like literally the day before he messaged me on Snapchat

  8. well also if the bf got cheated on or is not getting the respect from the girl……girls think that everything they do is okay if afterwards they say and feel sorry. but the girls actions affect their partners and dush affecting the males behavior

  9. I hear men that are old men say I'm lonely. Well gee dumb aS S I wonder why could it of been all those years up in your 70s when you ghosted women lied played head games. They do all this bull shit to women then get up in age where they can't fucking move and then wonder why they have no one.

  10. Guy: gets girl pregenet then leaves 1 month
    Girl: is a singel mother
    This is a cycle of dating and am going to stop it hi am john 12 years old am going to stop this mess of this cycle and show what happens when you date someone to talk more serious add me on snap jol-ln27

  11. I met a guy recently online on a marriage website and we clicked straight away. We were totally inseparable in terms of skyping eachother for several hours and day, day and night around our work schedules. He lived overseas so he was going to relocate to Australia for us to be together, and we came to that understanding within a short time. He would ring me from work on his breaks, send me kisses in his text and ring me as soon as he got home from work to be with me. But also spent alot of time skyping his family, several hours in fact and that started to get into the way of our relationship. I found it really odd that he had to skype his mother 3 hours everyday, and then he said he would spend an hour with each of his brothers, so on his days off he was literally just on skype all the time chatting and not getting anything done. He was kind of complaining of being time poor, and i told him, that speaking to his family that much everyday was excessive and he needed to give time to his relationship and other things in life. Then i noticed our conversations getting shorter and shorter and him putting a time limit on us, then all of a sudden nothing. No phone calls no response to my texts, no kisses from work.. no contact on his side. He just started to ghost me. Before he did this, he has said his family told him that australia was too far to relocate to..but didnt say he had any doubts. I started calling him everyday, but and he would answer, but after a few minutes would say he was tired, or stressed(because he was finalising a divorce) or didnt feel like talking, but then i would see him on social media for several hours. I even caught him on the dating website we had met chatting to other women. The next day i rang and i confronted him on this, i said to him why are you trying to meet other women , and he simply said he didnt know but then had to go. So everytime i call , he gives me no more than a few minutes if that. Yesterday he said he had another call it was ex wife but everytime i spoke to him, he said nothing had changed, his feelings were the same, but when i called him up on it, he always had to go. Today his not even taking my calls. So one minute this guy has planned the next year of his life with me, we were planning to marry in the long term future, and the next minute his just gone.. with no explanation. What i cant reconcile…is that how do you leave mid relationship, when the guy is saying to you he is so happy. He even skyped me from the hospital where he works from and introduced me to his patients. He was so loving and gave me so much, and then he just pulled the rug under my eyes with no warning. Theoretically he is still my boyfriend and all this happened this week, and its the most horrid feeling knowing that you love some one and your whole relationship is spiralling out of control . It was a miracle to me that i met this man, as i was just broken hearted by someone else and my story is quite unbelievable. 6 years ago, i met a man online, and we fell in love, and planned to marry , i then fell sick with pneumonia. He hung around for a little bit but instead of him standing by me, he left and met someone else and moved on. He said he had proposed marriage to me and at the time because i said i wasnt ready, he even said i had said no, which i didnt recall saying that, but said he left because he felt i wasnt serious about him. 5 years later, this man came back to me, left his wife, and said he wanted me back. And i believed all of it, all of his lies that he missed me so much and wanted me back, and wanted me to move in with him, but then he ghosted me. Disappeared without a word and i was like once i had accepted this man back into my heart he was gone again. He eventually resurfaced, i think it was like 10 days later just saying he was busy. i was quietly falling apart at the seems, that he had left me twice..But then the communication started up again daily and things were going amazing well, then he dropped a bomb, said he was going overseas(he was middle eastern) and his family might arrange a marriage for him. I was absolutely gutted, and pleaded with him not to do this. He promised he would not do it, and promised to stay in touch. For the first two weeks, he told me how much he missed me, then for the next two months he disappeared..no contact. When he came back he still didnt contact me, and i knew something was horribly wrong. He didnt call me, i called him and he called me back saying everything had changed. At first he said, he just met a women, the next day he said they were engaged, and the day after that he said he was married. It was like he put his hand right through my chest and ripped out my heart. I didnt want this man to come back into my life, nor any man at the time, as i just had gotten out of a relationship with a violent narcissist. Yes can you believe my dating history, one bad experience after another. I had told the middle eastern guy, if he married, my heart wouldnt survive being betrayed by him twice, and i was so already battered by the previous narcissist, in which i was trying to put the pieces of my life back together. I didnt dare think he would hurt me twice, but he did hurt me twice. I allowed the same man to come back into my life and leave me to marry another women twice. Indeed i am the fool. When you love someone all logic seems to go to hell. So now in my new relationship somehow i had the courage to try and meet someone new, and i did meet an amazing man in which i thought which is why i got involved. He was seemingly healing my broken and took me to a place of happiness again. But now my boyfriend is ghosting me. It is the most cruelest thing, and to me i feel its so disrespectful. The thing is, whilst your pining for them, they dont think twice about you. I do believe there are good men, but they are so few. Men are inherently selfish and cruel, and whilst one always says get back on the horse and try again..i can honestly say..that shipped has sailed and this girls heart has had enough. Whilst one inspires to be in a loving relationship, it just doesnt work out for everybody sometimes being alone one can have its own benefits by not putting up with a guys crap and maintaining some sort of equilibrium and inner peace.I still have the narcissist stalking me..oh the joy..a year and half after we broke up, and im hoping the ghoster will resurface although thats seeming to be a long shot now. I think if i could advise anybody here, is to be friends with a guy first, get to know what your dealing with. So many guys out there are deranged these days. You can watch a series on youtube called weblies that shows you the guys you meet on the internet, in these cases it was fatal. I always believed in love, but i think your really lucky if you can find a person that is trustworthy enough to receive your heart, But i do hope you all find what your looking for , and not hurt too much in the process. 🙂 kelly

  12. So needed to hear this. I have been talking to a guy whom was responding quicker to me at first and then would take longer to respond. Which is fine I get that life happens and every conversation was always good and ended on a good note. I felt confident and secure with the conversation so I didn’t feel the need to always text him as I also want to give him space. I have kept some tension and flirting with him and even given him the license to take me on a date. As I continue to see what else is out there I believe it’s now on him. If he really is interested he will make a move and ask a girl out… or he will just continue and fade away bc even if you are super busy you still gotta have fun and if he doesn’t then it’s his loss. NEXT!

  13. This guy seemed interested in me. We went out a few times, pretty low key. But there was a day where my phone wasn’t working and he had been texting me all day but I wasn’t receiving anything. The next morning I woke up to 5 dms and a paragraph long text message about how upset he was that I was ghosting him. I explained the situation and we went for
    Coffee that morning. However a couple of weeks later he seems like he’s ghosting me….

  14. There's this guy I've hooked up with a few times over the last two years. He pops up every year. Oddly enough when we get together he always says he wants to get to know me, is interested blah blah blah is super sweet talks about wanting to come over and meet up in a few days. Then I just don't hear from him again. Then I text him like a week later and say hey do you want to meet up; he doesn't show any interest but yeah….super frustrating. Obviously he's just not interested….

  15. I have been ghosted many times by the same guy. Ive known him for 6 months and in the beginning it was great such chemistry and deep meaningful conversation. Now we barely talk and when we do its about lil things, how do u dos. Will go days without talking then when he reenteres my life we talk ok. Then next thing u know im ghosted.

  16. It’s just a fact that he was never THAT interested in you to begin with. No excuses needed. Man or woman, makes no difference. If someone actually gave a damn nothing would stop them from seeing you/ being with you. In addition, most of the time they also found someone else to give their attention to. That explains the fade out. The ghost is just being a piece of shit with no guts to be honest.

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