20 Replies to “Buy Instagram Likes Delayed Gratification”

  1. Hi mario! Whats a good diet to follow to lose weight consistently? Im currently 10-11% body fat and i just wanna lose more and maintain my muscle mass. 8-9% would be great, and how do i maintain leanness?

  2. Mario, I think knowledge isn’t the problem because I’ve been on this journey for about 6 months and I think I’ve learned a lot, but the biggest problem for me is that “fuck it” mentality, for instance you wake up super motivated, I’ll have a cup of black coffee, followed by a heavy intense weight lifting session, followed by some HIT usually jump roping and boxing. Followed by a 10 hour work shift, but something starts happening by the end of the night, for some reason my will power to abstain from crappy food goes down, I’ll start munching on cheese, or I’ll just say “fuck it” and buy a giant bag of potatoe chips even though I know it will ruin all the process I made all day! I don’t get it! I know it won’t fit my macros, I know I’m going to feel like shit after I eat that crap but something just says “do it” “you deserve it” I mean I think I look good, I just want to look amazing. Mario my weight has literally not gone up or done in the last 5 months, and I know it’s that yo yo dieting, another problem is my wife, she always wants to go eat to these nice “unhealthy places on our days off and I feel bad saying no, it’s crazy how many mental obstacles there is

  3. Mario, could a diet break be considered instant gratification? I’ve been cutting for almost 20 weeks and have stalled on low calories. I’m considering lean bulking for the next 6 months before returning to my cut.

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