26 Replies to “Buy Instagram Likes Delayed Gratification”

  1. I agree with you. I have serious health problems. My husband and I had to change our diet. I have gallbladder issues, high cholesterol, and asthma. Heart disease runs in my family, on both sides. My father had multiple heart surgeries, angioplasty, you name it. My mother dropped dead of a massive heart attack, 49 years old. Strokes run in my family, too.with me,my diet had to change. I don't drink pop. Or if I do, it's rare.I watch the sugar intake. Watch the salt,processed foods, junk,all that. I love veggie burgers.

  2. One of the smartest things I've seen people do these days. Is living in a tiny house, it takes a lot of pressure off people and helps them be minimalist in their lives. Especially when they are the ones building these at a young age.

  3. Hey Jaspreet you look more shredded! Maybe you're on cut, if it is so, keep going bro! going well. Also, as every video, just telling things as they really are. Always supporting you from Argentina, #TeamMinority

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