Business Tips: How Gary Made Jackie More Money [From Spreecast]

Business Tips: How Gary Made Jackie More Money [From Spreecast]

Awesome Tip: How Gary Made Jackie More Money [From Spreecast]

Jackie called in because she wanted to know how to grow her consulting business. In the space of a few hours we got some WORK done!

This was totally the highlight of my epic 5 hour long Spreecast. Catch the rest of it here:

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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25 Replies to “Business Tips: How Gary Made Jackie More Money [From Spreecast]”

  1. The amazing thing i see here are that gary has given a great peace of advice which was, take care of each individual on a one on one thing and if she is able to make one of them happy he will recommend jackie to friend's and family, now the important thing here is that Gary vee is using exactly the same method with jackie and because jackie was left happy he was not just able to sell 7 book's but also left jackie with the feeling to share what he done for her, this is great i love it. Thanks gary. By the way I'm watching your old videos wile waiting on your daily vee. 27/09/2017

  2. your marketing works because i just realized that u are promoting your book (without really promoting it) and i've been watching a lot more videos of yours recently..and am now interested in your book…damn your good man.

  3. Thanks! The beauty in this is not magic, you are merely doing what others aren't willing to do. Showing that you actually care. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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