Business Tips: Dealing With Rude Clients

Business Tips: Dealing With Rude Clients

Awesome Tip: Dealing With Rude Clients

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21 Replies to “Business Tips: Dealing With Rude Clients”

  1. I'd say it depends upon the person you're dealing with because you could give a chance after chance and nothing gets any better. If the relationship between you and your client gets rough, it's time to fire your client.

  2. I have a client I cut his hair he’s always moving around like he’s high on cocaine and likes to chew tobacco on top of that so he has a spit cup he uses and every time he needs to spit he moves a lot reaching back and forth back and forth back and forth about every 5 to 10 seconds and his phone is constantly going off so he’s also answering his phone on top of that which that part doesn’t bother me… It’s the moving around to reach for his cup to split every five seconds that gets in the way and I’ve been cutting his hair for almost 2 years now and I finally had the courage to send him a message asking him very kindly and professionally that I would appreciate if he wouldn’t chew during the haircut anymore and that I appreciate him and his business he didn’t reply yet but I don’t care I’m willing to take the risk on this one we will see what happens!!! If his behavior wasn’t interfering with my appointments and literally it takes me an hour and a half to get him out of my chair because he’s moving around like a drug addict twacked out on something, So I’ve had enough of it and it’s interfering with my income and making me behind!

  3. Good point tho. I had this very rude, impatient client from my Graphic Design business. He feels like he's the center of the world and doesn't care about the slot given to him. It just happened that i had encountered an unexpected technical issue with my machine and voila, rage mode on. He doesn't even care that the price I've given to him is suuuuper low / discounted. Tried to explain it to him that I'm having a difficulty recovering from the maintenance made and suddenly requested a refund that he has ofcourse a right for. Additional headache. What I did was just agree with him to settle everything up via refund and get rid of that client that was very pushy and rude to me all of the time. My mistake was accepting that client although I already knew he's rude as F. Lesson learned, charge to experience. (hey, I kept him intact as much as I can but he doesn't listen to every explanation I say).

  4. Also the prospect I was talking to wasn’t just showing me adversity. He was straight up putting me down on purpose to make himself feel better. He wouldn’t let me talk, and said “NO NO NO NO” whenever I began to talk. When I deal with an actual client, I also hang on for dear life. But I couldn’t stomach this guy with all the Pepto Bismol in the world.

  5. Yesterday I had to hang up on a rude prospect. He showed his true colours before he was a client.

    He had been sued by the Federal Trade Commission and wanted me to manage his online reputation.

    He told me outright that he was racially profiling me because he trusts immigrants more. Then I think he tried to make me feel 'understood' by saying, "I know it's hard to have your name" and "I have an immigrant family too". After continuously cutting me off and dropping comments like "You're young so you're allowed to be confused", "I'm better at marketing than you but I don't have time to do it" and "You can look up my name yourself instead of asking me because it's on my website", I decided to end the conversation.

    I told him that I wouldn't help him and next time he asks somebody for help, he should listen to their advice. Since he positioned himself as the expert and I seem to know less than he does, he can deal with the FTC alone.

    If anybody ever behaves like this guy towards you, double delete them. Hang up the phone. Walk out the room. If you were "too young", they wouldn't be seeking your help in the first place. Don't let them cosy up to you by pretending to understand you or your struggles. If your gut says something's fishy, it probably is. Shut these people down immediately. If you tend to give in to rude and obnoxious behaviour, stop.

    Don't let anybody make your time miserable for money. You can't buy more time and YOU are invaluable.

  6. Everyone is a salesperson. We all sell things everyday. We sell ourselves at interviews. We sell ourselves for relationships. Some are better than others. Gary Vee has taken it to the next level! Congrats on all your success bro.

  7. It's good that you tell it like it is, business is toxic macho nonsense, I'd prefer to develop a talent say like Lang Lang and take my chances in a more sophisticated world than spend my life around such people, having said that I know billionaires who fire a client in a heartbeat if they were rude to there staff.

  8. It all depends on how thick is your skin, and what do you have to lose if you refuse to work with that client. Not every client deserves working with, as they can make your life more complicated, and I personally do not find this to be OK.

  9. Do you get rud of a friend after 6 bad nights! After hearing your point on this a few months ago along with "No EXPECTATIONS" actually has made my relationships with my family and friends way better! Thank you and keep sharing!

  10. Agreed that business is business, but how about a situation where you feel strongly in a certain direction to help an artist/talent client but the agents/managers step in but are absolutely clueless?

  11. great video gary as always. i really feel this one because working as a producer ( hip hop) in the real world and online… i deal with alot of rude clients who if you dont give them something for free they are quick to say "fuck off". Sometimes its over coming that challenge of my patience thats the most difficult. but longevity is the goal right? Sp now i can look at it from your POV and maybe stomach alittle more. everyone has their limit. TBH most of them who are rude were never buyers n the first place.

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