Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 48: Ignoring the Competition, Niche Marketing, & Swagger

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 48: Ignoring the Competition, Niche Marketing, & Swagger

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee Episode 48: Ignoring the Competition, Niche Marketing, & Swagger

#QOTD: How was your Thanksgiving? AND, what’s your Jets vs. Dolphins prediction for tonight’s game?

01:44 – How much time should you spend on your competition? Or should you just be focused on making your own path?
03:30 – Who would you recommend pitching an app idea to? What steps would you recommend?
05:48 – Niche marketing, in wine library did you market to people interested in wine? or specific niches in the wine community?
07:36 – What would you do if all 420 employees quit vaynermedia?
11:02 How do you instill soul and swagger into a physical product you create?


I literally spend ZERO time focusing on my competition. I don’t look to the right of me or the left of me — It’s all forward moving for this guy. I focus ALL of my time on people, the teams around me, and our focus for the future.

Do I know what the competition is doing? Sure, to some level – but I never go deep as my understanding typically goes as far as reading headlines and hearing some of the buzz of the industry. The biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs making is paying too much attention to those around them. Sure, take a look back once and while to see who’s on your tail, but at the end of the day your focus needs to be on your own domain. If you can focus all of your attention to accomplishing what you set out to do, full-steam ahead, you’ll win.

Not only will you win but you’ll be able to razz the competition a bit while you ignore them 🙂 I find that not paying attention to your competitors is actually a tactic to be used and a competitive advantage which allows you to focus your energy on the work you’ve set out to do in the ways in which you’ve set out to do it.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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34 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 48: Ignoring the Competition, Niche Marketing, & Swagger”

  1. Gary, I'm 3 weeks into YouTube video producing. How do you suggest I gain organic view & subscribers? I understand reaching out locally is vital in growing myself in Photography & Video. Should I reach out farther though my transportation is public in the Philadelphia suburbs.

  2. Hey Gary, Good show. I liked how D-roc linked up with the rant from the previous show. Good editing shout out. Tanks and marines is a cool analogy, broad and narrow. Dark posts, etc. Being objective and having a tank view of what you want to do if your peeps jumped ship is good awareness for us viewers to not get caught up in the small stuff that trips up so many people on the pathway to the larger picture.

  3. Hi I love this video, particularly your advice  about online business niches
    . A product I also found useful for niche business ideas
      is Elumpa Keyword Tool Alchemist – if anyone is interested search on google

  4. Just wanted to give another THANK YOU for this show. I have my undergrad in Business #ASU so on paper that can get me in the door BUT the boots on the ground knowledge – well this is one of the places that is (in your words) CRUSHING IT!

  5. speaking of niche marketing… I'm a complete newbie to any marketing.  So please excuse me if my question sounds harsh. But what are all these marketers incentive to help new marketers? Everywhere I read about niche marketing, I also see the “let me help you.” Is marketing to opportunity seekers more lucrative than product affiliate marketing? Obviously emotion is a big factor in buying.  I wonder if  "hope" the biggest seller.

  6. Dig that Steve takes a stand for his point!  Kudos to you Gary for allowing fair play!  We look to you for insights on topics like how to bring an app to market because most of us have little-to-no exposure to the realities involved and you Gary, are at the front of the pack!!  It's why there is such as thing called Vaynernation.  I enjoyed your sigh of defeat after answering that question in full 🙂

  7. Gary, I couldn't agree more with you about ignoring the competition.  Far too many people compare where they are at with others who are at a different stage.  When you are just starting out why are you comparing yourself to someone who has been busting their ass for 10 years to build their business?  Apples and oranges…  By the way,  you said awhile ago that this was available as a podcast on Stitcher and I can't find it for the life of me, what I am I missing?  I'd LOVE to be able to listen to these (much more convenient for me, I like to listen on my commute).

  8. Love the idea of focusing on the "Broad and Narrow." Plenty of folks in the universe enjoy a good laugh and then there are those who prefer a specific type of comedy. I'll start keeping a pair of binoculars AND a magnifying glass on hand from now on. Thanks Gary!

  9. Thanksgiving went well. Thanks for asking! So glad that you put up the hoodie link! Appreciate the portion on thinking strategic in relations to where you are at in life and in time. Question- What's after the Jets purchase? 

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