Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 31: Is it Better to be Self-Taught?

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 31: Is it Better to be Self-Taught?

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee Episode 31: Is it Better to be Self-Taught?

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01:44 – I’m a self taught social media marketer – is it worth doing a course on it, for applying jobs?
03:32 – How many impressions do you or your tweets have?
05:26 – Back in the old days of hiphop were you East Coast or West Coast? or both?
06:01- Short versus long videos?
07:38 – What is your take on marketing automation Software? How can you automate and still be human?


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An interesting question was raised here about taking a course/class in order to become a social media marketer. The truth is, I’m self-taught. I didn’t take any courses in social media, but in general I was never a real good student and never took any substantial classes in business or marketing — But, that’s seemed to work out for me just fine 🙂

I think all this really just boils down to being self-aware and knowing yourself. I honestly think that 99% are you are clowns, and are just reading headlines, rather than being actual practitioners and going deep within each platform. I’m even scared of you taking a course because most of the courses I’ve been exposed to during speaking engagements were jokes — either the course itself or the teachers involved came off as clowns.

My honest opinion is that Social Media right now is in a very awkward and early stage. If you look back at the early internet marketers of 1995, they were spewing out a ton of garbage as well. So the timing is difficult now, but I can say confidently that I would feel a lot better about you taking a “course” 5 years from now rather than today.

So, in this whole circus type of environment, it all scares me. The most important thing you can do is be surgical, knowledgeable, and become an actual practitioner. However, for this particular instance, there’s too many variables to consider. Are the courses good? Can you actually learn in those environments? Because I can’t – hence why my advice is to become a practitioner as best you can, because that’s what I’ve done, and that’s certainly worked for me 🙂

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41 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 31: Is it Better to be Self-Taught?”

  1. Courses are for horses. Persistence provides determination and self preservation. Massive respect for Cleveland, Ohio. Quality will always provide substance over quantity. Thanks for the insight on automation. Pod-cast of course.
    I would to hear you one on one with a Guru that milks the public. G&W

  2. Hey Garry, great show . I'm like you I don't learn well in a school setting, you have no MBA and yet you have a encyclopedic knowledge of this subject and business were did you learn all this stuff .

  3. this is what happened to Uber on January of 2017. I believe their tweet about surge pricong was automated but it was precieved as intentional and malicious. Gary correct again 2.5 years later.

  4. Great show as always! 🙂
    I'm totally with you on the topic of social media automation. The same happened after the Paris attacks in November 2015 and it's just so disrespectful. Especially because many consumers are not even aware of the possibility of scheduling social media posts.

  5. Excellent point on that automation question, you had me like WOW. Bone thuggz and harmony huh, koo beans. I could see that in a movie, you drinking a glass of wine bumping "East 1999" … once again gary you a koO ass dude (human) thanks again.

  6. I completely agree with you on humanizing. you replied to my message on Facebook last night, as I am here, still trying to catch up with the show, and that "small" interaction had more than enough value to keep me self accountable to finish watching this series and hopefully making a question worth airing. As before, this series is providing me with amazing education for free; have a great one!
    I'm bound to try and give back.
    Thank you Gary ( and your team 😉 )

  7. Weighing in way after the fact. I have subscribed to the podcast but have be mass consuming the videos. Your presentation lends itself far more successfully to the video format. Your character, mannerisms and outright enthusiasm are so much better communicated when we can see you rather than hear you. I feel I get more out of the videos because I pay more attention to them rather than a podcast.

  8. The "I'm over here" metaphor is quite eloquent to explain how capitalism works today, reducing feeling to zero unless they have something to do with money. Because you're not doing the right thing because it is right but because it sells shit.

  9. i will not use podcast now, but appreciate you adding this
    your shows are already tremendous experience, you make me laugh, you are saying exactly what i have always thought (long time marketer) and i have been taking notes….maybe a cliff notes summary – top 3 points each show, bullet form….

  10. Gary, I really appreciate your straight-forward style and tell it like it is personality. I am working towards building my business and I have been consuming your videos, bought your books, and I am applying your advice daily. I am seeing a positive response and will be expanding to other platforms. Do you suggest breaking into Pinterest, Vine, and Snapchat all at once? Or should I move into one at a time? Keep up the good work!

  11. I hate being behind and having to catch up but I still will not get the podcast. My driving audio time is for audiobooks. Also the videos pick up so much body language like it is a keynote everytime. 

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